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The client is advised to have their eyebrows marked with the color of preference prior to arrival. Upon arrival, a photo is taken, and the eyebrow make-up is removed and the skin is cleaned. The eyebrows will then be measured and marked with a surgical marking pen.

The client views the markings and gives approval to continue (prior to application of any micropigmentation). The pigment color that best corresponds with the client's personal preferences and skin tones is then chosen, and the pigmentation is applied.

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Upon arrival, the customers picture is taken before any pigmentation is applied. The client then chooses the pigment color that they prefer, usually a color that compliments their skin and eye color.

The eyeliner can be applied to the upper or lower eyelids, or both. The intensity and width of the color is based on client preference. The procedure is applied directly above or below the lash line.

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Lip Liner
During the initial consultation, the client is asked to bring the color of lip liner that they use predominately. Prior to performing the procecure, the client has a numbing agent applied and is given the proper time for the numbing agent to take affect (to allow for maximum comfort). The lips are then cleaned and marked with a surgical marking pen. Prior to the precure, the client then views the markings and gives verbal confirmation that the markings are in the desired position.

The pigmentation is then applied. After the skin is lightly broken, a penetrating numbing agent is frequently applied to minimize any type of pain.

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Full Lip Color
The color to be applied is predetermined by the client depending on the color most often worn and by identifying the underlying skin tones. Some clients need cool colors such as pinks or raspberry. Other skin tones need the warmer colors such as orange, red, or even brown tones. Many times the client may have very pale lips, and may want only a natural lip color applied.

After the color is chosen, the lips are marked with a surgical marking pen and a topical numbing agent is applied. Adequate time is given to allow for the numbing to take affect, to allow for maximum comfort. After the skin is lightly broken, and throughout the procedure, a penetrating numbing gel is frequently applied, which makes the procedure virtually painless.

After the procedure, if the client wishes to wear a different lip color for a special occasion, they can simply apply the lipstick of the desired color. The permanent lip color will cover well and is not affected by the lipstick.

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Beauty Marks
Clients are advised to be confident they want a permanent beauty mark applied to their face. It is recommended that the client use an eyebrow pencil, with the color of choice, mark the spot, and wear the beauty mark daily for 2-3 weeks.

Once the client decides they want the permanent beauty mark, the spot is marked with a surgical marker. A topical numbing agent is applied. Following an adequate numbing period, the pigment is applied.

Following breast reconstruction, women prefer to have the breast appear as normal as possible. The areola and nipple colors are chosen to match the natural color. The areola and nipple are marked with a surgical marker and the client is asked to view the markings to assure the size and shape are pleasing to them.

To provide for maximum comfort, a topical numbing agent is applied, and sufficient time is allowed for the numbing to take affect.

During the procedure, once the skin is lightly broken, a penetrating numbing agent is applied frequently with a swab, which makes the procedure virtually painless.

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Eyelash Perming and Dyeing
A small curling rod is attached to the cleaned upper eyelid. The lashes are gently pushed up onto the sticky rod. Perm solution is applied with a small swab and timed for adequate curling. The neutralizer and rod are removed prior to dyeing. Petroleum jelly is applied to the skin of eyelids surrounding the lashes and the dye of the client's choice is then applied.

The procedure leaves the lashes curled and tinted for approximately 3 months, which is about the length of time each lash stays in place before falling out naturally.

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