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Permanent eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrows, and so much more!
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Have you ever envisioned yourself waking every morning and not having to apply make-up before starting the day? Imagine Waking Up Beautiful! It is possible through permanent cosmetic make-up by Infinity Color Cosmetics!

Think of the possibilities!

  • Exercise without worrying about smearing your make-up!
  • Swim, and even shower without having to re-apply make-up!
  • Get straight out of bed and never have to apply make-up!
  • Do visual problems cause you to spend extra time applying make-up?
  • Are you allergic to eyeliner or mascara?
  • Do you get make-up particles under your contacts?

Mrs. Tennessee (eyeliner)

If you're interested in making your life simpler... call for a free 30 minute consultation for permanent make-up... eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, or full lip color applied forever!

Enjoy the luxury that men have every day! Shower, fix your hair, and be ready for the day! Imagine kissing him and not leaving lipstick marks... and no more lipstick bleeding into the crevices of your lips!

I am a registered nurse and I am Board Certified as a Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation. I look forward to meeting you and advising you with your own infinity color and cosmetics, so you will always look your best!

Call me today to schedule your own
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